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Conference and interpretation technics

Conference system
(roundtable conference system for 32-64 participants)

  • contributors' units
    (built-in microphone, loudspeaker, registration button)
  • technician's control desk
Simultaneous interpretation system
  • IR receivers with headphone
  • interpretation desk with headset
  • IR emitters
  • central equipment
Ancillary devices
  • mobile interpretation booth
  • portable, simple floor

Supplemental services

  • image and audio recording, video recording
  • recording the room voice and the languages on audio recording media
  • event recording on video cassette, DVD; studio post-production
  • event photos on digital and traditional media
Simultaneous interpreters
  • to any foreign language
  • in any special field
  • technical EU experience
Other HR services
  • organiser's participation, consultancy
  • supplying an operating technician
  • supplying an IT man speaking foreign languages
  • mediation of hostesses
  • safety guard service

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