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Type of meetings

Conference management has developed into an independent trade that serves the set objective through the synthesis of wide-ranging theoretical and practical, human and real knowledge. We would do injustice if we attempted to review this whole problem in its entire verticality. However we insist on drawing Your attention to certain parameters that are not at all indifferent from the aspect of the technical background.

To facilitate Your first but one step in management, we have categorised the possible types of meetings, thereby endeavour to lend You a hand in choosing the necessary equipment, and later we plan to inform You comprehensively which the expressly significant factors are in each of the types that, when neglected, have already impeded the success of several events...

Think in terms of the following categories:

With regard to the place:

  • below the recipience of 100-120 persons
  • above the recipience of 100-120 persons

With regard to the languages used:
  • monolingual meetings
  • multilingual meetings

With regard to the layout:
  • U shaped
  • Horseshoe shaped
  • Square table form
  • School desk or classroom style
  • Theatre or auditorium style
  • Board style
  • E-shaped furnishing

With regard to the kind of the meeting:

  • briefing
  • presentation
  • forum
  • roundtable
  • conference
  • congress
  • general assembly
  • brain-storming
  • plenary session
  • poster section
  • seminar
  • symposium
  • video conference
  • retraining, other instructional events

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