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A well organised event or conference will have its own intrinsic atmosphere. The participants are enchanted by the topic and technics remain almost insensible. But this will only work if the organisers of the conference can think in terms of a system.

A high-standard event will inevitably require continuous and professional supervision by a technician.
A good technician lives with the event: his main responsibility does not lie on the quick solution of any potential problem but should primarily be able to avoid and prevent the smallest disturbing factor.

Preconditions to a successful conference held in foreign languages:

  • adequate room voice and sound reinforcement system;
  • flawless interpretation equipment that perfectly suits the goal;
  • high qualified, practised simultaneous interpreters.

Priority references:


EU Gala, Győr: Orbán-Kohl meeting
MLSZ [Hungarian Football Association] EB [European Championship] Conference, Győr
National Pathological Conference, Győr
Euro-Regional Conference, Sopron (seven languages)
Rába Rt. General Assembly, Győr
Inauguration of an evangelical ecclesiastic

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