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"I have attended quite many events - either as a guest or an organiser - and relying on my experience collected over the long-long years I am certain that the success of Your event greatly depends on the proper use of the technical equipment and facilities.

But I also found that in certain cases uncertainty in technics can actually prevent a meeting to serve its goal at the expected level."

This website of H-Conference.Hu, in co-operation with Cross-Audio Bt., is intended to render You efficient support from planning to the successful management of Your events.

"You, dear Reader, can collect useful information on what technical possibilities to consider for Your future conference and then improve Your ideas in the knowledge of the above, on the one hand. On the other, You are informed about the wide assortment of our services. Then be flexible in choosing what type of co-operation could most efficiently serve Your interests."

Have a nice browsing time and wish You successful implementation.

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József Hartmann
H-Conference Bt.

István Paraj
Cross-Audio Bt.

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